Business Development
and Marketing

If you fail to plan, you are
planning to fail.

— Sir Winston Churchill

Developing a proper business development and marketing plan is a key component to reach defined sales goals successfully.

When you’re developing a business development and marketing strategy you need to consider factors that differentiate our industry from others. Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

Relationships and networking are the keys to success.

The industry was built on relationships, and you need to know the ins and outs and the people behind it to get your company ahead.

Consider the market volatility.

Diversification is a key to stay on a float during ups and downs of our industry. Be prepared to face the challenge and reach different market segments when needed to ensure continued growth.

Focus on geographic limitation.

Keep in mind the wants and needs of customers located in different basins. Different product characteristics, availability of service centers, and warehouses in a specific basin may impact the decision to work with your company.

The industry is high-risk, high return.

You need to believe that you’re the type of person that can achieve results. Foreseeing the next steps and strategically preparing for action will impact on your bottom-line.

People in the industry like to interact with physical objects.

A connection, reference, a proper visual aid can help you get through the door to the desired client, but you better show them the real product or a prototype during the presentation. It will stay with them and will remind about your product. Be prepared to make that lasting impression and remain in their mind and office.

People in the industry like to have fun.

By properly organizing happy hours, hunting, golf, pool, baseball, and soccer games and inviting your preferred accounts, strategic partners and more, you can ensure that the deals will move faster.

The pool of clients is limited.

Your reputation and relationships are crucial in the oil and gas industry. The equipment may fail but you cannot. You need to be responsive, accessible, and always ready to be on the customer’s side to solve their problems

Consider macroeconomic factors.

Sanctions, tariffs, new regulations, and laws impact the industry in many ways. You need to stay informed, and OKGlobal can keep you up to date.

Access to a qualified workforce.

It’s getting harder and harder to attract the skilled personnel due to the high chance of getting fired during the next downturn. Millennials are very skeptical about getting involved with the oil and gas industry. Let us help you to attract the desired workforce needed for the efficient operations of your business.

Getting listed in approved vendors lists of major corporations.

OKGlobal’s knowledge, skills, and abilities can assist you in getting listed and approved.

Special certifications requirements to stay competitive.

To do business with your company, many customers require different certifications and licenses such as ISO, API, and ASNT to name a few.

Stay ahead of the changes in industry-specific regulations.

Industry regulation bodies impose stricter requirements for the testing and quality control procedures. Acquisition or outsourcing of new types of hardness testing, gauges, and more may significantly impact the bottom line – so you better be ready. You need to react quickly and modify the production processes to survive during the oil price drop and have access to capital.

Build relationships with industry organizations.

Become an active member of the industry organizations that are serving and supporting your market niche. This will give you an advantage over others by being in a circle and knowing what to expect.

With our knowledge and
experience, we will build a
strong foundation to achieve
your goals in business
development and marketing

If your company is:

  • An established business who wants to define its position in the market and build awareness around its values
  • A growing company who wants to enter a new market or increase its market shar
  • A Start-Up company who wants to educate the market about its offering, run pilot projects, or be introduced to the decision makers.

Are you a deer hunter?

When preparing for deer hunting season, you start by selecting a proper location. You agree with the landowner and begin setting up. You can get access to valuable data by installing a camera, and then make the area more appealing to deer so that they will gravitate toward your location. Because you spent time developing a strategic plan, you will be fully prepared for hunting season and have a competitive advantage over other hunters.

And it all started with a proper strategy and planning.

Whether you’re getting ready for hunting season or preparing your company for marketing and business success, the strategic planning process is the same.

At OKGlobal, we don’t just help you with developing a strategic plan with defined milestones — we help you rise above your competitors. For hunting, when it comes to the location scouting, gear selection, and meat processing, you go tothe experts. The OKGlobal team are those experts in business development and marketing for oil and gas industry.