Email marketing is more than spamming inboxes with meaningless emails. Continue reading and find out more this tool and how internet marketing companies in Houston can help you.

    Today, when many people hear email marketing, they cringe or frown. They don’t want to talk about it. They think that email marketing involves nothing other than spamming people’s inboxes with meaningless emails.

    Lots of industrial companies have ignored email marketing strategies because of these same reasons. But if you do so, you are missing out on a lot.

    Sadly, email marketing is given a bad reputation because several manufacturing companies stick with the old blast email marketing strategy. This method works for minor retailers those that sell products that are meant to be bought on the spot. But they will hardly work in an industrial setting, where most purchases made are ‘considered purchases.’

    Considered purchases are purchases where a lot of things have to be considered before the purchases are made. There are long sales cycles, and a lot of people have to be involved in the decision-making process before a purchase is made. Teams of engineers, purchasing departments, managerial staff and others need to have a say before the purchases are made. These products are expensive, and there is a lot at stake. Making a wrong purchasing decision could be fatal for a manufacturing company.

    But there are a few exceptions like in the case of industrial consumables and replacement parts. A promotional email might be sent to the right email address, and a purchasing decision could be made on the spot.

    A lot of people think that social media marketing and mobile marketing have completely replaced email marketing. But that is not the case. Email marketing is still very much alive. Email marketing is important for industrial companies and manufacturers. It can help to build working relationships with engineers and have fulfilling conversations with leads that could convert those leads to sales.

    Results from a recent study indicated that email marketing could provide about $40 gain for every $1 that is invested in it. This shows that email marketing is still important in today’s world.

    Bill of Materials for Industrial email marketing


    — A valuable offer

    — Tracking and automation mechanism

    — A subscriber list


    A lot of companies create the content of their emails the wrong way. They talk about what they want to sell instead of focusing on the needs of the customers and how the customers can be helped. You need to build trust with your audience by creating helpful content before you can sell your product to them. Be helpful and focus on their needs instead of focusing on your product.


    You need to use date-based and triggered emails to avoid blasting and batching. Simple email service providers won’t provide you with this kind of service. You need to use advanced email service providers.


    There are a lot of people or marketers that offer companies email lists for sale. You don’t stand to gain anything from the purchase of these lists. Bought lists are not as effective as lists that you built in-house. Lists that you build in-house will contain a lot of engineering companies that are already interested in your products. Bought lists might work for everyday items, but not engineering products. Focus on growing your own in-house subscriber lists.

    Creativity is hardly as important as how informative your content is. Engineers are not wowed by creativity or graphics. They need something tangible and strong. They want to know how valuable your product is and how it can help them solve their problems. Work on the content of your emails and do not place too much emphasis on creativity.

    Industrial companies and engineers subscribe to email lists, but you have to be smart about it. If your content is valuable, engineers will readily fill a lead form to get it.

    Also, your sign-up form mustn’t have too many fields. The more fields on your sign-up form, the fewer people that will fill it. No one wants to spend so much time filling countless fields on a sign-up form. It is a huge turn-off for many. Studies have shown that you can get almost 200% increase in lead form submission if you reduce the number of fields in your sign-up form.

    Rather than making them fill so many fields, you can fill in other details using online resources like LinkedIn. You can also make use of progressive profiling. Design your landing page to have a short sign-up form.

    If you follow these tips, you will have a successful email marketing campaign.


    Don’t ignore email marketing strategies! Sadly, email marketing is given a bad reputation because manufacturing companies use the old blast email marketing strategy. This method works for minor retailers but will not work on larger products like yours – there’s another way and this article shows us how.