Jobs to be done

    “Jobs to be done” by your customers or how to craft the right marketing message which will bring value to your prospects from the get go.

    This is one of my favorite frameworks when it comes to defining value proposition, crafting the marketing message and communicating your business values to your prospects online and offline.

    In order to get started, you need to start with questions to your existing customers! Ask them why they work with you and what was that exact reason or value you brought which made them comfortable to give you business. See clearly what were those problems (“job”) your customers seek the solutions for at a given period of time and how you solved those problems. Talk their language, record the exact phrases and words they used. THIS INFORMATION IS A GOLDMINE for you and any of the marketing campaigns you will run.

    Always remember that successful innovations and product offerings help consumers to solve problems—to make the progress they need to, while addressing any anxieties or inertia that might be holding them back. And in any decision making process, the emotional and social factors play a crucial role.

    Here are some points on how to implement and follow the framework:

    “Job” is shorthand for what an individual really seeks to accomplish in a given circumstance.
    A circumstance (-s) is more important than customer characteristics, product attributes, new technologies, or trends.
    Good innovations solve problems that formerly had only inadequate solutions—or no solution for the “job” to be done.
    Jobs are never simply about function—they have powerful social and emotional dimensions.
    Design Offerings Around Jobs based on the answers you get from your existing customers.
    Create customer experiences when delivering the message and performing the job.
    Align internal and external processes.

    By following the framework, you will ensure that your values are shaped around real pain points which will lead to better performance of your marketing campaigns and higher customer satisfaction.

    To learn more read the article or reach me out to discuss.