LinkedIn’s New Feature to Like Company Pages – Is It Worth It?

    The option to like pages and companies on Facebook has always been a big hit. Shares, likes, and inevitably sales follow companies as they continue to post promotions, articles, and information. LinkedIn has jumped back on board with this feature. They have recently re-introduced the option for page admins to invite connections to follow the company page.

    This feature was available previously, but was removed from LinkedIn, due to an overabundance of spam invites. Now it’s back, but keep the spam in mind, as you set out to invite all your followers to like your company page. Keep in mind common courtesy as you use this feature, but don’t be afraid to use it to the fullest extent, as it can have a big impact on your marketing strategy.

    Is this new feature truly valuable?

    It certainly can be. When you look at your business objectives and goals, you can determine if LinkedIn fits into the big picture. Let’s assume it does.

    By inviting people to follow your company page, you can quickly get to influencer status. This helps make you an authority in your field, and gives credibility to your brand. You position your company as a thought and industry leader.

    Another way this feature can be used is to find quality leads. Not only are the followers important, but who the followers can take you to. Invaluable leads can be obtained through people who believe in your product and your message, but in order to find these leads, you’ll need to engage with your audience.

    Engaging and Retaining Your Audience

    Getting followers may be easy with this new feature, but unless you find ways to engage your audience, they won’t return to your page often enough to be of any value. Create useful and interesting content to share to your company page. Keep it relevant to your industry. Think about things that interest you about your job, your industry, and any related fields. Consider your audience and what they want to learn about. If your audience can rely on you to provide entertainment, as well as education, they will continue to visit your page.

    LinkedIn is a business social media site, so while a humorous joke can be fun from time to time, you’ll need more than that to keep your audience in tune with your company. Certainly include a great meme, but don’t let that be the only content on your site. White papers, articles, product information, industry updates and news, and trade show information are all great things to share on your company page.

    Tips and Tricks for Using the New Feature

    Assuming that you have decided this is a valuable tool for you to have in your marketing arsenal, there are a few things that you should be aware of before you start sending out invitations to like your page.

    • Only the page admins can use this feature. Be sure you are an admin if this is something you are planning to utilize.
    • Page admins can only invite 50 people per LinkedIn session. Take a little time each day to invite a group of people, then move on until tomorrow.
    • You can only send one invite per member. Once you’ve invited that person, you will not be able to invite them later if they decline. Make sure you page is polished off before you start sending invites.
    • Start posting a couple of weeks before you invite people to like your page. This ensures you have solid, quantity content on the page when people are deciding whether or not to follow you.
    • Aim to post quality content a couple times each week. Keeping your content fresh and exciting will keep people coming back to your company page.

    Take the time to set your page up right, and you will enjoy a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy. Focus on your audience, and the time and investment will pay off with leads, sales, and the chance for your company to shine.