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We're guessing you never thought that we are living in the amazing times of the revived future.

Yep, exactly. Think about it. A small piece of black plastic in your hands is a genuine conductor of this magical reality. Just yesterday you held a push-button phone. Today, fingers deftly glide over the glossy surface, bringing to our lives complete satisfaction, of which even the most desperate fiction writers of the past could not even dream.

Everything suddenly became simple and easy in the era of industrial revolution 4.0. From finding and making purchasing decisions on simple items, like iron or nuts, or the most complicated equipment (top drives or fleet), life became easier. Learning new technologies and theories, sharing news about a company or even a country on Twitter, or reading a map, can all be done with your smartphone.

This technology brings amazing opportunities for marketing your company, improving operations, and even reducing accidents. From recording breakthroughs during R&D, to final quality control procedures prior to loading trucks with equipment, to news releases – your team can act as a video production crew given the right tools.

Here are some of those tools.


The perfect choice for a festive slideshow.

We start with one of the most user-friendly programs. Animoto is easy to use, it has a huge number of pre-installed templates and an intuitive interface. It's ideal for creating slideshows and presentations. You can also try your hand with the cinematography provided, if you so desire.

It's reasonably priced at $8/month, or free if you are not confused by the watermark on the results of your work.


A great choice for the newbie. Excellent program with a wide selection of effects and musical themes. Intuitive to learn and extremely user-friendly.

With a cost of only $6.99 dollars per month or $35.99 per year, this program is affordable for everyone. Your subscription will automatically renew yearly.

Magisto Video Editor & Movie Maker.

Smart video editor. This application will give you the abilities of a superhero. The program is easy to learn, pleasant to use, and has a wide variety of licensed music. Deep integration with social networks makes Magisto a good choice for bloggers and social media activists. The unusual payment model of the program (money is charged for downloading your created material) and the high price of related content can spoil the impression.


Timeless classics for iProducts fans. This is one of the first and most reputable mobile video editing software programs. It's understandable, easy to use, and deeply integrated into the ecosystem of Apple. In addition, there is an opportunity to create your own, Hollywood look-a-like, trailer! Despite the developer's status, the program is not without minor flaws. There are occasional problems with editing subtitles and fonts and the processing of an already finished video is not always correct.


The tool of creators. "Creators for creators" – this is the advertising slogan. And in many respects it is true. This program is designed for more advanced users. It contains a lot of filters and tools, an abundance of teaching materials and impressive functionality – and all this available by subscription for $19.99/year.

Enlight Pixaloop.

Revive the photo. A quality product with a minimalist interface and a wide range of tools. Particularly intriguing is its ability to turn photos into a small video. This app receives complaints about incorrect video processing at certain aspect ratios and doesn't have many distribution options. But, on the whole, the app deserves praise.


The choice of journalists. A popular program, favored by critics. Innovative solutions and unique capabilities have turned it to a leader in the industry – the number of downloads exceeds 5 million. This application has no significant flaws, and the developers consistently add new functionality.


Blogger's dream. Do not be fooled by the name! This program, designed for Apple products, has extensive tools and functionality. You can edit the video, processes it and immediately upload it to your channel on YouTube. Among the shortcomings is the lack of color correction and, sometimes, a long loading time. Petty remarks for such a functional editor.

In our opinion, these are some of the best programs for turning yourself or your crew into a video production team – one that can capture those priceless moments worth sharing with the company's audience. After all, it doesn't matter what video productions you create: safety videos, product launch videos for a project, or a slideshow for the anniversary of your parents. Everything can be turned into art!

Now you are equipped to do exactly just that. So, take the phone in your hands and become a real demiurge! And if you are ready to collaborate with us on your next video marketing campaign, give us a call now.

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30 mars

Hi, Is it convenient to edit videos on a smartphone? I've heard of Imovie, which you mentioned in your article, but what do you use to work with videos on a pc? I want to start a career as a blogger, I'm studying this issue and at the moment I know about free Movavi Screen Recorder, QuickTime, ScreenRec, Camtasio, Sony Vegas and a few other programmes for recording and editing videos. Maybe you should write an article about these?

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