“Every business has a
story to tell”
- Jay Baer

Storytelling and Content Development for Oil and Gas Manufacturers and Service Companies

Storytelling and content development are significant components of your company’s reputation. With well-crafted content, which not only describes your product or services but the why’s, how’s, and what’s of your business, you will dominate your market.

Storytelling is a format of delivering information in a way that connects the audience to the benefits of your products and the values of your company. When crafting a story for the audience, you need to message translation. What you will pitch to superintendents is different from Operations Manager or Completion Consultants. You need to see the story through the eyes of the audience to ensure that they will understand and can relate to it

  • Keep your target audience’s needs in mind when writing content and tailor it to what they are looking for when considering working with your company.
  • If your product is technical, it’s imperative to have engineers involved in developing business and marketing story and material for your company.
  • Your company’s story is just as important as your personal story.


of a Well-Crafted Story

The correctly crafted story will help you to:

  • Connect with your audience
  • Move your audience’s attention in a right direction
  • Stay in your audience’s minds by developing a deep emotional connection

Depending on the material and your target audience, the focus of the content may differ based on product characteristics, manufacturing capabilities, people, or culture. Keep your target audience’s needs in mind when writing content and tailor it to what they are looking for when considering working with your company. What you say, how you say it, and where you say it may play a crucial role in the decision-making process of your prospects and clients.

We write:

  • Descriptions of your product and

  • Technology descriptions

  • Journal and magazine articles

  • White papers and case studies

  • Blog posts

  • Newsletters
  • Company history
  • Brand bio/story
  • Press releases
  • Social media posts
  • Pitch deck development

If your product is technical, it’s imperative to have engineers involved in developing your business and marketing story and material for your company. That is why our team includes highly educated and experienced engineers. This saves you time, bolsters the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts, and increases return on your investments (ROI).

Descriptions of your product and services

You want your customers to understand what you sell and how it will solve their problem. By creating informative and exciting descriptions of your product or service, you will be able to educate them about why they want to work with you.

Technology Descriptions

Sometimes explaining how and why a product or technology is valuable is more difficult than the development of the product or technology itself. Our engineers and technical writers—who were once on the other side of this research—will help you translate all the benefits of our technology in an easy to understand manner. They will also help you identify which aspects are the most important and valuable to you. Have your product or service portrayed in the best light with our intricate knowledge of what you offer and how it will benefit your customers.

Brand Bio/Story

Your customers want to know why you do what you do and how you do it. We will carefully draft an overall story of your expertise and personal history to inform the public why they want to partner with you. With the right profile for your brand, you will be able to assure your clients that they need you.

Company History

Your company’s story is just as important as your personal story. Tell your customers why you are passionate about what you do. Share your company’s knowledge and experience with the world. By understanding what your stances and beliefs are, you will attract like-minded customers and become an inspirational leader.

Journal and Magazine Articles

Being a leader in the oil and gas market puts a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. Your involvement in the industry’s growth by contributing your knowledge and experience will be for the benefit of everyone. Our renowned scientific writers can help you achieve this. We will research, draft, and prepare for submission your subjected technical paper. We will also ensure that it targets the right scientific or other industry-renowned journals. It can be a tedious and time-consuming task, but also incredibly rewarding if you have the help of an experienced team.

White Papers and Case Studies

Our content writers are well-versed in compiling research and information that you need to introduce your product to the right channels. Operators, service companies, and oil and gas publications are looking for new products and technology that positively impact the energy sector. We can help your company reach your target audience to turn your potential into profit.

Press Releases

Press releases are a quick and efficient way to publicize your operation. We create attention-grabbing press releases that will maximize your product or service’s media exposure.

Social Media Posts

Social media has afforded companies the opportunity to reach large audiences and achieve quick results. Our writers craft content that attracts leads and keeps current customers informed. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube are among a few channels that we can grow for you. Get an edge on your competition by having creative, educational, and unusual content for your social media platform.


Your customer database is your most valuable asset. Keeping your customers engaged and updated through newsletters will help you maintain healthy relationships and interest in your company. It also helps to convert and nurture those who inquired about your product but are not ready to make that purchasing decision. Newsletters with expertly-written content geared toward your target audience will expedite the decision process and refresh existing relationships with your customers.

Pitch Deck Development

Creating a pitch deck is an important task when reaching out to potential clients, investors, and other interested parties. The pitch deck should be customized for each occasion to ensure that the right message is delivered. It must also contain the correct language and relevant facts. We will help you create a pitch deck to maximize your chance of reaching the main goals set for that particular presentation.

Blog Posts

Customers want to see updated information regarding your product or service as well as other educational information that they may use. By having engaging content on your website, you can quickly and efficiently update your clients on what exciting and innovative things your company is producing. Blogs allow you to illustrate how you can solve their problems. They can also provide interesting facts that you can share with their co-workers during coffee breaks or happy hours.